A Tip before Trick-or-Treating


Halloween is here! While you and your little ones are getting ready for trick-or-treating, be mindful for the following if you’re planning to use face paint.
1) Avoid buying oil based paint. A water based paint is less likely to clog pores. 

2) Check paint ingredients. Many paints carry latex which can be irritable to the skin.

3) Test before the big night. Use your wrist or elbow a few days beforehand for any possible reactions. 

4) Don’t re-use previous years paint. It’s breeding ground for bacteria. Better off to buy new paint!
When the fun is over, using a little baby oil or Vaseline work wonders for face/body paint removal.
Happy Halloween, everyone!tumblr_mj5z9n1fvQ1ro5uq7o1_500