How To: Survive Winter

With the temperature drop (finally) happening in Louisiana, it’s important to “winterize” your skin and protect it from being damaged by wind and the colder weather.


winter skin
Problem: Chapped Hands
With frequent washing and hot hand dryers, hands tend to get dry, chapped, and sore once being exposed to changing winds.
Solution:  Try your best to avoid any alcohol based soaps and sanitisers.  Use warm (not hot) water and a gentle cleansers. Apply hand cream after washing.
Problem: Dry Lips & Skin
Being exposed to the colder air sucks moisture from the skin, leaving it looking and feeling dehydrated.
Solution: Avoid licking your lips! Saliva also tries out skin. Apply and carry a SPF 30 or higher moisturizing lip balm to block the wind.
Applying a  SPF 30 or higher moisturizer at least one hour onto skin before going outside gives it time for your skin to “drink” it in. Avoid putting your face in front of heaters and instead let your skin adjust naturally from changing temperatures (cold to hot).
Problem: Redness and/or Rashes 
If you’re prone to redness or rashes, skin tends to get worse during colder months from lack of moisture and the skins lack of ability to produce less oils needed.
Solution: Change skin regime during winter months. Avoid soap and instead use a non-foaming cleanser. Avoid too hot showers/baths and apply lotion as soon as you get out. Oatmeal based lotions are great for soothing itchy skin and eczema.