Major Dermatology Announcements Made in July

(NEW ORLEANS) — To help reduce the incidence of skin cancer in Louisiana, local skin surgeon and dermatologist Dr. Keith LeBlanc Jr. has prioritized several major announcements made this month from organizations like the American Academy of Dermatology and The Skin Cancer Foundation.

Dr. Keith LeBlanc Jr., founder of Metairie based The Skin Surgery Centre, has condensed six of the top cosmetic and skin related announcements for this month and is available for follow up questions and interviews.

More than two million Americans are diagnosed every year with skin cancer, with 1-in-5 adults diagnosed during their lifetime. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States and accounts for approximately half of the nation’s cancers. To prevent its spread, good sun protection habits, regular visits to the general dermatologist and attention to skin-related medical developments are recommended.

·     Warning Issued for Spray-on Sunscreens – Consumer Reports recommends parents stop using the spray-on sunscreens for now until more research is done about possible chemicals kids may be taking into their lungs. The FDA has not yet standardized the delivery of sunscreens by way of sprays but the use of clothing or a sunscreen lotion with an SPF 50 or higher are still the safest alternatives.

·     Skin Cancer Foundation Requests Support for the Sunscreen Innovation Act – A national campaign has begun to encourage citizens to write their congressional leaders to support the Sunscreen Innovation Act (H.R. 4250/S.2141) that would alleviate the current 12-year backlog of sunscreen ingredients and provide Americans access to new and innovative sunscreen products.

·     Restylane Silk Receives FDA Clearance – A new version of the often-prescribed injectable gel Restylane has received marketing clearance after a clinical study was conducted to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of its injections to enhance lip fullness and to improve the wrinkles around the lips. This new formula allows the injector to safely inject into areas where they were unable to previously.

·     Following Louisiana, Hawaii Bans Minors from Using Tanning Beds – Hawaii became the 10th state to ban the use of indoor tanning beds to minors. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signed a similar law into effect May 23. Although cancer rates have not seen an immediate effect in the roughly 2 months since the law’s passing in Louisiana, the early reactions and related incidents are showing promise.

·     Using YouTube to Self-Diagnose Skin Issues Presents Major Risk – A study was published in the Dermatology Online Journal about the amount of terms associated with dermatology and cancer on YouTube videos. Only 35 percent of videos across all dermatology search terms were uploaded by or featured a biomedical professional. Patients should be encouraged to see their dermatologist before trusting “cures” or self-diagnosing.

·     Lululemon Catches Heat for Sunscreen Quote on Shopping Bag – Exercise fashion brand Lululemon has received some backlash for a quote on their new shopping bag that promotes bad sunscreen habits.